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I am legit tearing up for these RenRuki novel spoilers. My heart. :3
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So according to Jump Festa, the upcoming RenRuki novel will also feature Ichigo and Orihime's relationship.

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I don't believe this fucking shit.

God fucking damn it.
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This election has me terrified in ways that no other has before it, which is saying something considering the 2004 one.

Fucking Russia and Comey just had to stick their dicks in it with a week to go.

Which is not to say I'm absolving Clinton if she did in fact do something wrong, but...Trump.
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Debbiechan: I don't hate Orihime! I'm just disappointed in her character arc!

Debbiechan: *Proceeds to spend the next six paragraphs complaining about Orihime and painting everything about her, including the fucking Orihime Vision gag, in a negative light*

I am so glad you lost, Debbie. Get fucked.
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Rukia: And here is my wall of inspirational women.

Renji: Is that a picture of you?

Rukia: Yes, I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.
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Oh man, all these IchiRuki fics that steal Kazui for their own, have Ichigo and Rukia cheat on their spouses, or otherwise bastardize the ending. So predictable.

It'd be funnier if it weren't so disgusting and pathetic.
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Oh man, these spoilers. I need the chapter *now.*
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So apparently the *next* Bleach chapter is the last one, after a two week wait no less. Figures.

On the other hand, Rukia made captain!
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Next Bleach chapter is the last one. It's still surreal.

Given that it's clearly being rushed to completion, I can only hope for some canon Ichigo/Orihime in some way or form to take the bad taste out of my mouth.

And for spite related reasons, obviously. All those assholes we've dealt with over the years.
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Seeing Debbiechan on Tumblr lecturing others about their lack of decency and maturity makes me squirm in my seat.

Oh the things I could say, and not just about the enabling on Yulieana.
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The IchiHime in this arc has been fucking outstanding and ever present.

Seriously, they conveyed thoughts to each other with just a look.
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Finally found a new job. It pays 50 cents more than my old one, has a more palatable shift for me, and is much closer than my old one.

A win on all accounts.
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Hitsugaya made a height joke, and then complained about Byakuya not laughing at the irony.

My day is made.
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Urahara's bankai. Finally.
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Ichigo and Orihime are alone together and Valentines is next week.

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There was a job fair today for a place not even five minutes from my house, and I couldn't go because of this fucking blizzard fucking up my drive way.
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TONIGHTLY: Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC


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