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Tonight at 10 ET we shall have a Super Spooky Halloween Special!
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- I love having a brand new computer. Thank you, tax return!

- On a related note, controller for it ordered, time to go Fallout 3 mod hunting.

- The 13th day is here. Waiting until the weekend to finish as I don't want to have various plot revelations constantly interrupted by work.

- I need a save file for Symphonia Chronicles that begins right when Sheena shows up. On the other hand, the new HD graphics really make a difference.
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- Malik lives up to his mysterious old guy trope by producing Fendel papers from his ass.

- We finally discover what those plushies are for.

- Cheria and Sophie have a horribly cute mother/daughter moment. Foreshadowing? I'd bet on it.


- We report back to THREEEEEEEEEE DOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGG after fixing his GNR signal.

- A brief stop at Jury Metro Station grants us the Xuanlong Assualt Rifle.

- Arefu has a bloodsucker problem. Time to fix it.
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Things I learned from this week's media update:

- Elizabeth and some character named Labrys are now in P4 Mayonaka Arena, yet still no Yukari. D:

- The lead designer and writer for the Wild ARMs series is now developing an iOS game for Square-Enix.

Things I learned from video game land:

- Hubert doesn't like it when people imply that he actually has feelings.

- Leaving the vault for the first time in Fallout 3 never stops being epic. Seeing the Washington monument in the skyline is a great moment.


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