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Mass Effect 2 - Firewalker quests complete

Suikoden III - Hugo chapter one complete. I have to say I really like the Trinity Sight system. Lulu's death from both Hugo and Chris's perspectives was really well done. Hugo's growing distaste for Zexan law enforcement (not necessarily their citizenry) is well founded from his point of view, and Chris is simply a good knight in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Real life - I really hate funerals. Being an agnostic, sitting there while everyone talks about how great God is makes me uncomfortable. Still, glad I went. Bessick deserved as much.
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Bleach - Masaki was adopted by the Ishida family, and was in an arranged marriage (I assume with Ryuuken). Isshin now takes on one of Aizen's freaky hallow experiments.

Suikoden III - Chris chapter one completed. Hugo chapter one at Brass Castle.

Mass Effect 2 - Recruited Mordin, Garrus, Kasumi, and Zaeed. Finished with the latter twos loyalty missions, also Normandy crash site, and first Firewalker mission.

Real life - Funeral tomorrow for a guy I worked with. Way too young to go when he did.
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Caught up.

Random note: Batman: Arkham City is my 2011 GotY. Nothing else comes close.
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XIII-2: Sazh DLC is basically a storyline excuse to introduce the new card games. This is not really a bad thing. Poker has never been more fun than with Sazh's commentary.

Additionally, there's also a sidequest that explains who Chocolina is, but I'm only halfway through it. All in all, not a horribly bad way to spend $5.

ME2: Two Shepards down, two to go, although I might just end up forgoing one of them. I can't take doing these same missions over and over again much more.
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FFXIII-2: 99/160 Fragments found. Nice to get messages from Sazh and Lightning there.

Speaking of Sazh, his DLC now downloading, which I'll have to get to tomorrow.

Right now I need to get back to working on finishing three different Shepards from ME2 for ME3's release on Tuesday. Oi.


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