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Tales of Graces f - Full Circle by darkangel.mya

Really good post-canon fic that not only contains a believable, well written plot, but also does a great job in exploring both the characters of Lambda and Richard. Everyone else is in character too. I particularly like the portrayal of Cheria.

Warnings/Pairings - None; Asbel/Cheria (Because it's canon)
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Despite her protests to the contrary, pengiechan writes Asbel/Cheria (and Cheria herself) like nobody's business.
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Pairing based geekery under here )

Definitely my favorite Tales ending for that reason alone.
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Resident Evil 6 - Sherry is back. Instabuy.

FFXIII-2 - Snow's getting his own DLC. Among other things, it reinforces the fact that Snow/Serah is, you know, canon. Who knew?

Tales of Graces f - Hubert/Pascal is the most hilarious pairing ever. Seriously. All of their arguments would revolve around Sunscreen Rangers canon.
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Nice to have sane Richard in the party again. Especially because he gets an adorable end battle skit with Sophie. To wit:

Richard: *Kneels after battle*

Sophie: *Puts hand on shoulder* Are you okay?

Richard: *Puts hand over hers* I am now.

Sophie: *Smiles*
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There's way too many sidequests in this game. Highlights:

- The Nobody at Riot Peak is actually the main character from Tales of Rebirth.

- The five princess books allow you to put on the play of princess Cheri White in Velanik, which actually features Hubert as the evil queen. Really.

- Getting all the plushies to the little girl gets you a great weapon for Sophie, and a title that unlocks her third Mystic Arte. It's also horribly depressing. D:

- Right now I'm working on getting that little girl robot a new body, which requires way too much dualizing and material hunting. But getting Pascal a new Mystic Arte with a giant Sophie robot will make it worth it.
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- Why did it take this long for the plot to get good?

- Tales really needs to stop beating the heroine must die trope into the ground. I get that they wanted to do it themselves after Grandia II and FFX did it, but come on. Enough's enough.

- Cheria inadvertently saying "Hey big boy. Let's blow this popsicle stand." to Asbel is the funniest thing I've seen all week.

- We need more unique armor!
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1. Download Cheria's Natalia costume off PSN.

2. ???

3. Profit!
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A whole lot, actually.

- Kurt was the hardest boss so far. Good lord.

- Richard/Lambda wraps himself in a giant tentacle cocoon after trying to off Sophie. Double bastard.

- Asbel and Cheria get an adorable skit where she reassures him that Sophie will always be Sophie. D'aaaaaaaaaw.

- I note the guide says I'm getting close to the end of this scenario, and just when the plot finally got interesting.
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- Fighting Sophie is a lot easier than fighting Hubert

- Malik was a revolutionary in Fendel's army

And that's it. Didn't have a lot of time today. ^^;
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- Pascal is actually an Amarcian, which makes her "interest" in Sophie even stranger

- She also has a minor inferiority complex to her older sister, while her sister has a major one towards her

- Hubert makes an attempt to comfort her because of shared experience, and is incredibly awkward in doing so
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- Malik lives up to his mysterious old guy trope by producing Fendel papers from his ass.

- We finally discover what those plushies are for.

- Cheria and Sophie have a horribly cute mother/daughter moment. Foreshadowing? I'd bet on it.


- We report back to THREEEEEEEEEE DOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGG after fixing his GNR signal.

- A brief stop at Jury Metro Station grants us the Xuanlong Assualt Rifle.

- Arefu has a bloodsucker problem. Time to fix it.
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- We met a Nobody at Riot Peak.

- Sophie made a hilarious comparison between peaches and Cheria's butt.

- Malik's singing broke Hubert.
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Hubert: Know your place!

Sophie: Were they lost?

Hubert: No, that's not what I meant...
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Things I learned from this week's media update:

- Elizabeth and some character named Labrys are now in P4 Mayonaka Arena, yet still no Yukari. D:

- The lead designer and writer for the Wild ARMs series is now developing an iOS game for Square-Enix.

Things I learned from video game land:

- Hubert doesn't like it when people imply that he actually has feelings.

- Leaving the vault for the first time in Fallout 3 never stops being epic. Seeing the Washington monument in the skyline is a great moment.
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- Never thought I'd laugh so much at a bunch of butt jokes. What what, out the butt~

- Asbel looks surprisingly good in Yuri's outfit.

- Speaking of which, end of battle skit time:

Sophie: Asbel, why do you wear white?

Asbel: Well, uh...*Long while passes* I got it!

Cheria: You're late!
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Cheria is a liar! So sayeth the Great Salt Lick!

Can't imagine what she's a liar about, either.
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- Malik and his soldiers made for the hardest battle thus far in the game. I went through almost my entire stock of Life Bottles.

- Yay getting Cheria back! We need more sanity in our party.

- Mostly because Richard is slowly losing his. Yeesh.
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There is something very weird about the fact that Asbel can now pat Sophie? on the head.
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I note that Asbel is a chip off the old block. He hates his father for deciding everything on his own and forcing everyone to follow him, and yet that's what got Asbel in trouble in the first place.

I love intentional irony.


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