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FFXIII-2 Lightning DLC: There's something else coming.

FFIV Complete Collection: This version makes me like the game. It's not high on my list or anything, but it was a lot more enjoyable this time. If only because you can oust Edge and replace him with Porom in the final party.
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Serah gets an awesome new outfit.

I note that "Farron" is a Scottish word meaning "Great hair."
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Resident Evil 6 - Sherry is back. Instabuy.

FFXIII-2 - Snow's getting his own DLC. Among other things, it reinforces the fact that Snow/Serah is, you know, canon. Who knew?

Tales of Graces f - Hubert/Pascal is the most hilarious pairing ever. Seriously. All of their arguments would revolve around Sunscreen Rangers canon.
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XIII-2: Sazh DLC is basically a storyline excuse to introduce the new card games. This is not really a bad thing. Poker has never been more fun than with Sazh's commentary.

Additionally, there's also a sidequest that explains who Chocolina is, but I'm only halfway through it. All in all, not a horribly bad way to spend $5.

ME2: Two Shepards down, two to go, although I might just end up forgoing one of them. I can't take doing these same missions over and over again much more.
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FFXIII-2: 99/160 Fragments found. Nice to get messages from Sazh and Lightning there.

Speaking of Sazh, his DLC now downloading, which I'll have to get to tomorrow.

Right now I need to get back to working on finishing three different Shepards from ME2 for ME3's release on Tuesday. Oi.


Feb. 12th, 2012 02:56 am
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Game finished.

That post-game Lightning DLC better come out mighty quick is all I'll say.
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Caius is a bastard. That is all.

*Goes to level up*
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- Lightning is still awesome. Thus is she gifted with the awesome battle theme.

- This game is thus far resembling a cross between a western RPG and Chrono Trigger. The former because speech choices can alter dialogue and later item acquisition, and the latter for the time travel and multiple endings.

- Speaking of the time travel mechanic, I love the interaction there. You can leave any time period right from the start menu, go anywhere previously accessed, and come back and nothing has changed.

- Monster system is implemented nicely, with every monster having an assigned role, and you level them with items acquired from fighting similar monsters.

Will have more later.
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Hoorah FFXIII-2 demo.

Gameplay changes )

Nothing to say about the storyline, obviously.


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